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Everything you need to know about changing wheels: What do I need? Should I do everything myself or do I have to go to a garage? And if so, how much does it cost me? Can anything go wrong when changing a wheel? All the answers, lots of further information and comprehensive video instructions are available here!

Wheel Changing Instructions

Do you need new tyres?

At a tread depth of 4 mm the grip of tyres, especially of wide tyres, is already significantly reduced on wet roads. This is why you should never use tyres down to the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm.

Benefit now from our large range of complete wheels

First benefit: 4 ready-to-mount complete wheels
Second benefit: including 4 TPMS sensors and accessories
Third benefit: balancing by specialised staff
Wheel and Tyre Package
The tyre tread depth can also be measured with a 1 Euro coin: If the golden edge is no longer covered by the tyre tread, the tyre must be changed urgently!
Beware Replace summer tyres at 3 mm, winter tyres at 4 mm remaining tread depth!

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